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  • Mum's Hysterical Fun With Chewbacca Mask


    Texas mother Candace Payne has become an unexpected internet sensation after she filmed herself laughing hysterically while sitting in her car wearing a mask.

  • Wristband Is Shocking Way To Control Spending

    A bracelet that gives its wearer an electric shock when they go overdrawn is being launched.

  • Panda Picture Proves 'Dead' Bear Is Alive

    A Taiwanese zoo has released a "proof of life" photo of one of its giant pandas to counter rumours it had died.

  • University Bans 'Risky' Mortarboard Throwing

    The tradition of throwing mortarboards into the air after graduation has reportedly been banned by a university on health and safety grounds.

  • M6 Smash Leaves Car Crumpled On Top Of Another

    A car was left crumpled on top of another following a crash involving a coach and three other vehicles.