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Brendan Kearney

How old are you?
The same age as my tongue and a little bit older than my teeth!

How did you get into radio?
I saw an ad in a music paper that BRMB Radio in Birmingham was looking for a trainee....I applied...went for the interview..looked appropriately wet behind the ears, looked keen, looked young and WAS cheap, so got the job!

What's the best bit of your job?
Having a laugh for three hours, playing some great Rev tunes...then going home and having a life

Who's the most famous person you've met?
Charlton Heston, Lauren Bacall, Raquel Welsh....we used to get all the stars from Pebble Mill at One (a lunchtime chat show on BBC One in the 80’s). I remember once getting David Frost, Kenneth Williams, and Midge Ure all in one day! Beat that Wossy!! All that's now eclipsed by working alongside Steve Penk!

What's the most embarrassing thing you've done on air?
Forgetting to read feminist author Fay Weldon’s book and have her storm out the studio live when I couldn’t think of anything to ask her!!!

What's your favourite "radio story"?
Noel Edmonds ringing me live on air and telling me he liked my show.... What a crawler!!!

Who's your favourite band/artist at the moment?
Tricky...the very nature of pop music means that my tastes change on a weekly basis...but I really like Bruno Mars, Leona Lewis and Stevie Wonder is a living legend!!

Describe yourself in one word....

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